IGF now officially hosted in github.com

It’s been a long time since I had the opportunity or reason to post a new entry in this blog mainly because my son and current daily job don’t let me enought spare time to move on my side projects.

Still, today, I received an email from Jeff (BinaryContruct) who have been using IGF intensivelly for his own game and thus improving the framework in many areas that were making sense for him. He gently already shared his work through patches on Codeplex but due to the lack of time on my side to apply them, he asked me if he or I could create a new repository on github.com to pursue on IGF’s development, bug fixing and improvement until I get more spare time.

I therefore created a new open source repository on github.com (http://github.com/Indiefreaks/igf/) and moved there the latest commit you’ll find in Codeplex.com: the official IGF repository stands now on github.com.

The main reason why I agreed with Jeff’s point is that git is first and foremost an amazing source control system and I love the way you can use either locally or remotelly easing most of the daily branching/merging and repository maintenance tasks.

This is actually great news for IGF users as it’ll allow everybody to fork and push back their suggestions or bugfixes without having to wait for me to get back in the train ;)

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IGF gets Coding4Fun notice ;)

Greg Duncan, a Channel9 member, wrote an article about IGF on Coding4Fun!  :)

IGF Article on Coding4Fun

IGF Article on Coding4Fun

Can you imagine how proud I could get with it?…  I mean, a one year one man only open source project for a niche market which is C# xna game developers who acquired a SunBurn engine license got an article in a website with a such visibility…


Hope it get even more game developers in this wonderful environment mix of C# / Xna / SunBurn & IGF ;)


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Ace on Steroids released!

I made it! Ace on Steroids is now available on the three platforms I intended to get and YOU can get its source code by just getting the game for just around 1 buck (US$1.29, €0.99, £0.79 and 80 MS Points on Xbox 360).

Here is the PR I sent over some online media press:


The US$1.29 guide to learn
how to make windows, xbox 360 & windows phone 7 games having fun



PARIS, FRANCE. – April 17th, 2012

Indiefreaks studio proudly announces the release of Ace on Steroids on Windows, Xbox 360 & Windows Phone 7. Ace on Steroids is a beautiful simple top down asteroids shooter game yet the promise lands in the fact that every purchaser of this game will be granted a full access to the game source code and assets.

Their goal is to share their knowledge with as many game developer “wannabees” as possible to support game development creativity and quality.

By sharing best practices and real examples to a wide audience, we improve the chances to see new game developers joining the party and make great games for us to play” says Philippe Da Silva, Indiefreaks studio owner. “We believe Ace on Steroids players will have a lot of fun making their games and, who knows… Maybe we’ll team up and create some other great games together.”

Ace on Steroids source code will be accompanied with step by step tutorial videos explaining in more details how and why things were done the way they were.

Ace on Steroids is available right now on the following platforms:

About Indiefreaks

Indiefreaks is a one man indie development studio which aims to beat the record and demonstrate fun games can be achieved without the AAA promise.

In order to do so, it aims sharing as much knowledge as possible regarding game development so then other talented people can join in the party;

Thus the creation of the “Indiefreaks Game Framework” open source initiative.

For additional information

You can learn more about Indiefreaks here: http://indiefreaks.com.
You can learn more about the Indiefreaks Game Framework initiative here: http://igf.codeplex.com

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Armlessoctopus.com Interview

Yesterday, 26th March 2012, Dave Voyles published an interview of me sharing my thoughts and why I worked on Ace on Steroids as well as the open source Indiefreaks Game Framework.

You can read it here: http://www.armlessoctopus.com/2012/03/26/phillipe-da-silva-spills-the-beans-on-ace-on-steroids-and-the-indiefreaks-xna-framework/

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Ace on Steroids Windows & IGF v0.9.2.0 releases!

Today is a release day! :)

Ace on Steroids for Windows

Ace on Steroids just passed IndieCity CAP (Community Approval Process) and is now available on Windows Vista & Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits editions). Browse to the store to see what you get: http://indiecity.com/game/Ace

Other platform releases (WP7 and Xbox 360) as well as Desura’s are getting ready too and I expect a full blown communication about it mid April. At least, that’s what I’m aiming for press wise ;)

IGF v0.9.2.0

On another note, the Indiefreaks Game Framework gets an intermediate release before v1.0 based on requests I received from developers asking for an official release with support for SunBurn engine

It actually is a pretty heavy release even as I’m adding a lot of features I’ve been working on as well as a set of bug fixing and performance improvements.

As usual, you can get the release following this link, its source code here  and the SunBurn Plugin here.

IGF v0.9.2.0 release notes:

  • Feature: Added SunBurn engine v2.0.18.7 support (doesn’t support versions below).
  • Feature: Added GammaCorrection Post processor to allow developers or even players to tweak the Gamma of the game depending on their screen (courtesy of bamyazi)
  • Feature: Added Windows, Xbox 360 & WP7 enabled StorageManager (based on Nick Gravelyn’s EasyStorage) to read/write files for player or game data.
  • Feature: Added VirtualGamePad feature for WP7 allowing developers to define Touch areas on screen and mapped gamepad controls.
  • Feature: Added IndieCityManager for Windows allowing developers to easily plug IndieCity SDK within their game such as DRM, Achievements and Leaderboards (more information about IndieCity http://developers.indiecity.com)
  • Feature: Added support for IGF’s Project Mercury Effect Editor content files. Developers can now create their particle systems in the tool and load them through their Content Projects.
  • Feature: Added BEPUPhysicsRenderer manager to IGF Physics assembly allowing developers to see physics debugging information in their game (contacts, islands, physics’ bounding boxes, etc…)
  • Bug: Fixed a bug in Goal driven AI where the implemented code wouldn’t get processed in rare occasions.
  • Bug: Fixed a few trigonometry issues in AutonomousAgent and Steering Behaviors.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug on FadeIn/FadeOut transition effects where they could be called at the same time.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug in Lidgren Session Client code where SceneEntities and Commands wouldn’t properly register themselves with the server.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug in Lidgren Session to allow the creation of 1 player LAN games (previously, it required at least 2 players which wasn’t possible since the session needs to be created to create a lobby).
  • Bug: Commands and Behaviors now properly unregister when their Agent’s ParentObject is removed from SunBurn ObjectManager (accross network too).
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where some GUI controls wouldn’t get properly refreshed once loaded.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where GUI controls would throw an exception on WP7 if not using a power of 2 size.
  • Misc: Added ClearDevice management on the Application class so developers can control when calls to GraphicsDevice.Clear() are performed.
  • Misc: Added Application.Run<T>() enabling automatic Exception report on Xbox 360 (useful for Exception tracking on Xbox 360 builds of your games).
  • Misc: Developers can now tell their GameStates if they should use a local ContentManager to load content or use the global Application one.
  • Misc: Slight performance increase on games using multiple Layers.
  • Misc: InputManager can now return useful Keyboard and Mouse helper methods through its KeyboardInputState and MouseInputState properties.
  • Misc: Layer.IsVisible property is now set as Virtual allowing developers to override it and react to property changes on their inherited Layer classes (i.e.: GUI transitions)
  • Misc: All session implementations now have an additional Starting state set when the StartSession() is called to allow games to setup and synchronize players, scenes, entities and commands before the actual session really starts.
  • Misc: Added an Enabled property on Agent, PlayerAgent and NonPlayerAgent classes to allow easy activation/deactivation of their Behaviors and Commands (useful for game pauses or the like).
  • Misc: Performance improvement on Behavior and Command processing.
  • Misc: Particle assembly is now splitted in two: Indiefreaks.Game.Mercury.dll for Project Mercury implementation and Indiefreaks.Game.Particles.dll for actual SunBurn engine integration (no breaking changes to the API, just internal design).
  • Misc: Small performance improvement on ParticleSystem update and rendering.
  • Misc: GUI Image controls now set their rendering size based on the texture size (Scale is applied to Texture width and height)
  • Misc: GUI Label control has now a readable Font property allowing developers to access Font properties.
  • Misc: Added WP7 touch support to GUI.
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